Welcome to the Ranulf Higden website

The Society was founded in 1992 to meet the needs of local historians, family historians, genealogists and others who regularly make use of documents written in Latin and Anglo-Norman. It originated in Adult Education classes that taught Latin and palaeography, and was established by academic staff at the universities of Liverpool, Keele and Manchester. Its membership and officers consist of practising amateur and professional historians and researchers.

The Society organises three Saturday meetings each year in January, April and October at Liverpool and Keele. Visiting scholars are invited to talk about their research work and interests, and in particular the records that they use in that work, discussing their relevance and use.

The Society also embraces a group – The Medieval Documents Research Group – that works on the editing of medieval records.

In recent years the Society has also contributed funds (with other local organisations) to provide bursaries for students and the unwaged to attend the Latin and Palaeography Summer School held annually towards the end of July at Keele University. For further details see the relevant page.

COVID- 19: The last few months have been difficult for all of us, and most of us will have missed meeting family and friends. The Society has also been badly effected by the virus with no meetings with speakers, or of the MDRG since March 2020. With ongoing restrictions it seems unlikely that the Society will be able to meet in a physical form before well into 2021. We still intend to resume meetings with invited speakers, and details can be found on the appropriate page. We are also looking at the possibility of holding MDRG meetings by Zoom. Further details will be available soon.